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Home CCTV Installation in Caerphilly, Caerphilly County Borough - Free Quotes

Home CCTV Installation in Caerphilly

In years gone by, homeowners didn’t even give security measures such as CCTV a second thought because they were under the impression that ‘it wasn’t necessary.’ However, escalating crime rates have made additional measures such as these an essential part of a home’s security and monitoring system.

When the topic of Caerphilly home CCTV surveillance systems used to arise, it was also normally associated with tiny black and white screens and one or two cameras placed in a few locations around a home that would provide the property owner with a few fuzzy images on what was happening when they weren’t around. However, these camera and video recordings would not have been clear enough to help identify an intruder – which is why most property owners never bothered with them.

Best CCTV Systems Available

Fast-forward on a few years (no pun intended) and the quality of these systems have improved substantially. In fact, even a few of the entry-level cameras are now able to provide virtually crystal clear images that can be saved to a DVR and viewed at a later date if required.

Gone are the days where home CCTV cameras were only able to record images that were directly in front of their lenses. The PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) range of cameras there are available these days have the ability to not only record what is in front of them; these units have the ability to move around up to 360° (depending on the model of camera chosen) and zoom into areas where any form of motion or activity has been detected.

Benefits of Installing a Home CCTV System

1. Potential Insurance Discounts

Although saving money may not be your first priority when having CCTV installation performed, you may find that your insurance company will be willing to discount your monthly or annual premiums for having this done – especially if footage is able to be recorded or saved on a DVR unit.

2. Monitor your Home’s Perimeter from Indoors

A qualified and experienced CCTV installer is able to place these units in such a way that the blind spots around your home will be able to be monitored from indoors. This means that if you hear unusual noises on your property at night, you will not have to set foot outside, only to be confronted by a potential intruder. Some of the CCTV cameras have infrared vision capabilities as well, meaning that you will be able to monitor who is at your door during the day or night if someone comes knocking.

3. Help Identify Criminals

Having an indoor and outdoor surveillance system like CCTV need not only be used as a preventative system in and around your home; it can help monitor areas around your property as well. In the event of another incident occurring in the vicinity of your system, you can supply any recorded footage to the relevant authorities so that they can use it to help identify the culprits involved.

4. Acts as a Visual Crime Deterrent

After you have had a CCTV network installed, it will act as a tremendous deterrent to criminal elements, especially where premeditated crimes are concerned. This means that your home will be far less likely to be targeted by intruders than those where no form of security system has been made visible to the public.

How Much will CCTV Installation Cost?

As with installing any other form of home security system, the price of a CCTV system will depend on the type and quality of cameras you select, the DVR that is being installed and the distance that cable will need to be run for before a suitable power point is located.

Wired or Wireless – That is the Question

Another factor that will affect the cost of a CCTV installation is whether you want to install a standard wired system or wireless units.

Standard wired CCTV installations in Caerphilly will normally be cheaper to purchase than a wireless system. However, labour costs to install them will be significantly higher than for wireless options because cables are needed between each unit, and in some cases, from each unit back to the DVR as well. In cases where IP systems are installed, these units are wired back to a dedicated network switch.

Although most homeowners think that a wireless system will be entirely wireless, this is not the case. While the camera units themselves are entirely wireless, some wiring will still be required for the DVR unit and the monitors or screens where activity will be viewed.

While the labour costs will be significantly lower when performing a wireless CCTV installation, keep in mind that the cost of each camera will normally be significantly higher than that of the regular camera units.

Always Hire a reputable Company or Installer

When searching for "CCTV installation Caerphilly near me", too many homeowners try to choose the cheapest options possible. This often results in poor quality cameras being supplied and substandard levels of workmanship being performed by non-qualified or experienced people.

We have several qualified and experienced installers on hand who will not only be able to supply a high quality level of service and up to date products; they have also been carefully pre-screened to ensure that they adhere to all currently required industry standards. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy a hassle-free installation as well as after sales service if or when required.

Home CCTV Features To Consider

1080p HD Resolution

Where possible... aim for the highest possible recording resolution in order to get a clearer recorded picture. 1080p is classed a full-HD and could be the difference between identifying someone up to no good!

WDR - Wide Dynamic Range

If you're using a closed circuit camera in areas that have uneven lighting, then a wide dynamic range will help you achieve a clearer picture. This can be particularly useful for outdoor cameras.

Infrared Lit Night Vision

Night vision is used when fitting outdoor cameras on your home. Infrared lights can illuminate potential intruders and unwanted guests without them even knowing, and can provide crucial detail (though not colour).

Remote Monitoring

Many home setups can now be monitored from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Instant notifications are also a useful way to alert you to any potential problems. You can even check up on your pets!

If you would like to obtain further information or quotes from pre-screened CCTV installation companies in Caerphilly County Borough, all you need to do is complete our quick and easy contact form. Once your information has been received, you will be contacted by up to four different qualified, pre-screened and experienced installers, all of who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.

Why wait any longer to ensure that your loved ones and precious possessions are given the protection they deserve in the form of a CCTV camera system? Fill in our contact form right away.

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